Our children are an important part of our church! We provide a variety of experiences to help our kids learn about God, grow as Christians, and learn how to participate and contribute as part of our community.



Sunday, 10:30 am (ages 4 through 6th grade)

Berto Lopez, Leader

Our children meet with the adults for the first part of morning worship. They are then dismissed to Children's Church. Great things are happening in Children's Church.

Also . . .

The first Sunday of each month, there will be a Missions Focus and Rami and Kayla Rihani will be the teachers. We will learn about how missionaries are "going and making disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19) and how we can do the same-whether the mission field be in Lombard or across the ocean.  The kids received a "passport to missions" book this past Sunday. Each month we will visit a different country and will learn about the country, it's people, and a Nazarene missionary family serving in that country.  At the end of each session each child will get a passport stamp for their passport to missions book.  The stamp will have the country's flag and the names of the missionaries that we learned about. All kids are welcome to join the journey!  



Wednesday, 7 pm (preschool and kindergarten)

Now the preschool and kindergarten kids have a class of their own on Wednesday Nights!  The Curriculum is designed to help children look at the Bible in a hands-on whole new way!  They will hear stories about Creation, Noah, and Abraham and Sarah.  They'll learn that "God made our world", that "God Loves Us" and that "God Takes Care of Us'.  Using active and interactive learning methods children will be discovering God's message for them and seeing how it can be applied to their everyday life.


Wednesday, 7 pm (grades 1-6)

Sandi Hill, Leader

Kingdom Kids on Wednesday Nights are starting the New Testament books of the Bible, so if you or your children are up for the challenge...
bring your Bible and get ready to learn a lot in January!

All kids grades 1-6 are invited  to join us!  See you Wednesday nights at 7 pm!


Children's Bible Quizzing (1st through 6th Grade)

Megan Massengale, Leader

Wednesdays at 6:00 pm

See Michelle Megan Massengale if you have any questions.


To see more information on Quizzing visit:

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Children's Quizzing /