• NMI (Nazarene Missions International) gathers believers for prayer in the local church, linking us to our brothers and sisters across the globe.
  • NMI is committed to teaching developing leaders about Christ’s global mission, and nurturing their mission passion.
  • NMI provides opportunities to support mission workers and meet human needs around the world through resource sharing.
  • NMI educates the church about what other Nazarenes are doing around the world, and how each person can get involved.


Our missions council spends time praying for and supporting both active and retired missionaries, collecting Alabaster offerings for missions buildings throughout the world, collecting offerings for world evangelism, and preparing crisis care kits to be sent anywhere that there is a disaster,

In addition, our missions council plans outreach activities every few months. Recent activities include:

  • Trunk or Treat
  • International Dinner
  • Family Scavenger Hunt
  • Minute to Win It