A Movement of God,

Through the People of God!

  • The Church of the Nazarene is in 164 world areas.

  • In 2020, there were 531 missionaries from 64 world areas, serving in 96 countries.

  • Last year, there were 66 new missionary deployments.

  • Within these missionary families, there are 302 missionary kids.

  • Every month, we financially support this global missionary work!

“Weekly, we start 27 new churches

and 2,872 new people join the church.

Nazarene churches have been multiplying at this

rate every week

for the last 10 years.”

(Fueling the Nazarene Movement with Love, pg. 29)

Crisis Care Kits

Each spring, our local church joins the global effort of filling 2 gallon Ziplock bags with toiletries. These bags are boxed and shipped to warehouses ready to be distributed around the world when a natural disaster strikes. Crisis Care Kits are made by Nazarene volunteers and are a tangible way that people can get involved in the disaster response process.

Alabaster Offering

Every February and September, our local church takes part of a global offering to raise funds for land purchase and building construction. Since 1949, over $100 million dollars have been raised. During the year, we save change or extra money in boxes like shown.

School Pal Paks

Each summer, when all the school supplies go on sale, our church collects school supplies in 1 gallon Ziplock bags. The Church of the Nazarene operates numerous elementary schools around the world. Unfortunately, not all of the students can afford supplies. We help students have the supplies they need to learn and grow.

World Mission Broadcast

Each June, our church supports World Mission Broadcast. The good news of Jesus is spread around the world through radio and internet. It reaches farther than many of us could ever travel. This programming may be the only way someone ever hears the gospel.

Missions Trips

The Church of the Nazarene is a family of believers. We are spread out over 164 world areas. Each year, missionaries travel to the U.S. and share what is happening around the world. Also, we have opportunities to travel to other parts of the world and experience for ourselves what God is doing.

For more information about World Missions, visit https://nazarene.org/missions.